Ron Santibanez

Busy businessman working in restaurant
Cost Control


The actual level of productivity of most restaurant employees never comes close to their true capabilities, but they still complain when asked to do more.

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Restaurant managers working with laptop
Human Resources


Whether your job training program uses on-the-job training or group training, or both, themost important component of your program is not the actual training, but

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Portrait Of Female Restaurant Manager In Empty Dining Room

How to be an Effective Manager

Every manager’s job is unique. Each depends on the basic need to work with, and through people. Those who work most effectively with and through

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Restaurant food
Cost Control

Why Standarize Your Recipes?

A standardized recipe has several advantages. It will produce a known quality and quantity of food for a specific operation. It specifies the ingredients to

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Friends discussing upcoming trip
Marketing / Sales

The Pricing Decision

Of all the business decisions a restaurateur must make once a operation is up and running, pricing the menu can be the most difficult. Rational

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