Ron Santibanez

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Restaurant Start-Up

How To Start A Restaurant (Part 2)

Target Customers A restaurant’s choices in menu, atmosphere, and prices are generally made with the objective of attracting a specific type of customer, such as

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Effective Listening as a Tool

Owners and operators who want to be effective in communicating with their employees need to develop the ability to listen. Listening to another person’s account

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Seek Results …….Not Activities

I am often asked by my clients to provide training services. As if somehow the process of “training” will magically make all their operational problems

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Who’s To Blame?

When something goes wrong in an organization, the first thing many bosses want to know is: “Who did it?” “Who’s to blame?” That’s not a

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Human Resources

How To Make Your Employees Feel Indispensable

Employee turnover is one of the costliest problems facing restaurant operators. Low employee moral, decreased customer satisfaction, and increased liability exposure result from the restaurant

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Cost Control

15 Keys To Success

The manager is the single most important position in your restaurant. Managers influence the attitude and behavior of all restaurant employees. In order to ensure

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