How To Make Your Employees Feel Indispensable

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Employee turnover is one of the costliest problems facing restaurant operators. Low employee moral, decreased customer satisfaction, and increased liability exposure result from the restaurant industry’s inability to retain good employees. There are however, several steps an owner/operator can take to reduce turnover.

In order to retain employees you must get involved in the goals and operation of your restaurant. You can involve your employees and improve moral through motivation and empowerment.

It is your organizations responsibility to improve skill development and professionalism in each of your employees. This will have a direct effect on the satisfaction your employees receive from their jobs. And when people receive satisfaction for their jobs, the follow occurs:

  • Service quality improves
  • Turnover decreases
  • Profit increase

Here is a list of twelve things you can do to retain your employees:

  • Develop employee profiles and then hire and train “right.”
  • Offer psychological and monetary compensation
  • Inform your employees of pertinent information. Respect their right to know.
  • Ask for help and advice from your staff. Keep them involved.
  • Earn your employees’ respect if they are to follow your lead.
  • Teamwork must be fostered and rewarded to avoid the “us vs. them” syndrome.
  • Don’t hold employees’ accountable for things not under their control.
  • Create moments for the employees to feel good about their contributions.
  • Develop a sense of involvement and responsibility in your employees.
  • Keep criticism constructive.
  • Listen to employee complaints. Adjust and correct accordingly.
  • Emphasize skill development rather than rules. Foster personal talent.

As employees begin to understand how they fit into the operation, they will begin to feel that they are indispensable. Once this happens your employees will demonstrate greater loyalty to you, their employer.
Webster’s dictionary defines training as, “to instruct so as to make proficient.”
Value your employees’ opinion. Seek it out. Listen carefully to what they have to say. Teach them the necessary skills that will make them a valuable and indispensable part of your operation.

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