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Restaurant structure to maximize profits

Structure, as I define it, are processes and procedures that will maximize the profits of the restaurants existing sales and provide the client with the tools to monitor. More importantly, structure will allow you to grow sales and profits. Lack of structure leads to stagnation. The tools to be provided will include checklists, job descriptions, operational procedures, training procedures, and cost control procedures. More importantly, I will train and coach your operator, and your key employees to be more effective in carrying out their daily duties and how to use the tools provided to be successful going forward.

During this process I may change gears a bit as we move forward. I do have my own structure as to how I implement what is needed. However, everyone learns in a different way and at a different pace. Some require a lot of repetition, while others like visual aids. How I train and coach will be personalized to fit each employee’s personality and skill set.

Each management member will be given a course on how to delegate effectively. Delegation is an art in that you can only delegate tasks to employees that have the skill set to effectively complete the tasks they are being assigned. Part of the delegation process is to provide the employee with tools and proper training prior to tasks being delegated to them so that they will be successful.

Each manager must also have a clear understanding of their role within the restaurant. That role is to be a leader, coach, and most importantly provide “stability” to the entire operation. 

A well implemented operational structure should work seamlessly in the restaurants. In a sense, it is working in the background. You may not see it, but you feel it because it provides stability to all employees. Everyone likes to work in a place that has structure. It provides a feeling of security because nothing is left to chance.

Structure will ensure that all procedures are being followed on a day-to-day basis to promote consistency of food and service during all operational dayparts. Structure will provide the employees with the direction and guidance they crave.

This is the objective.

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