7 Ways Your Staff Can Help You Make More Money

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  1. Make Helpful Suggestions. Let your staff know just how much you depemd on thier ideas to help your restaurant improve. In order to get the “ball rolling” you must be open to their suggestions, be appreciative of their concerns, and put into action ideas that are plausible.
  2. Follow Recipes. Recipes have two purposes: a) to ensure consistency, b) to control costs. Teach your staff members these two basic principles, follow up to be sure they understand, and reward them when they consistently meet or exceed your standards.
  3. Adhere to Portion Standards. You can easily blow your food cost budget if employees serve incorrect portions. Test your staff on a regular basis regarding their knowledge of portion standards. Also, make sure that the correct utensils are being used and observe as employees prepare food and beverages.
  4. Do Things Right The First Time. When staff members make mistakes your restaurant takes a double hit financially. First, your investment in products, equipment, and supplies is lost. Second, labor dollars are wasted. Make sure all employees are capable of completing assigned tasks prior to going “solo”, and when mistakes are made, coach or retrain them them until you are confident they can do the job properly.
  5. Bring Potential Problems. To Your Attention. Alert staff members can avoid most costly errors. The key is to create an environment whereby the staff believes their observations will be appreciated and promptly acted upon by management. Encourage your people to step forward with their observations, and show your sincere appreciation when they do.
  6. Participate in Teamwork. When people work together as a team they can accomplish more in less time. This cuts your labor costs. Talk to your staff about the advantages of teamwork.
  7. Take Action. It is not always possible for employees to go through the chain of command. A situation may require that they assume control and take action on their own. A few employees will fill comfortable in this position, while others may not. Empower your staff to take charge in circumstances in which common sense dictates that they intervene. Then, support their efforts when they do.

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